Electric Car Charging in a league of its own 

We have chosen to work with four main suppliers as we feel 100% confident of their products, reputation and solutions. 


Zappi is a smart EV charger with a difference. Not only does it operate as standard for electric car charging, it has optional charging modes to utilise 100% GREEN energy generated from your Solar PV or Wind Generation systems. This creates and increased Return On Investment (ROI) for your panels and electric car, the zappi is easy to install and user friendly. 
Being the first-ever electric car charger of its kind, the innovative team have carefully designed features and functions to give you complete control of your electric car charging experience. Paired with the myenergi app, you can set timers to utilise economy tariffs, use the boost function, monitor your devices, and so much more! 
This future proof, intelligent electric car charging is conceived, evolved, and manufactured in-house, right here in the UK. 
We have chosen Zappi as our product due to its functionality, innovative approach but also for its efficiency and for being renowned as one of the best products on the market. 
We have full confidence in selling you this product and that is why we will work closely with our Customers and Electrical Partners and Electricians to ensure they fully understand the product so they can provide you with all of the information you need to fully utilise this great system as part of the installation process and so you also have all of the information you need when you install this into your home. 
The Zappi is Myenergi’s smart EV charger, with which you can charge your car when and how you want. As with all of their products, it’s designed to work seamlessly with solar PV, or any other form of microgeneration, and battery storage. It monitors exported power from the property and, in ECO mode, controls the charging rate of the EV to match the available surplus generation. This means that you can charge your car for free! 
Zappi chargers can be installed under the OLEV grant scheme where an accredited installer is used. 
The Myenergi product family isn’t limited to EV: the Eddi power diverter directs your surplus energy generated by wind or solar to heat your water or rooms. Also acting as an export limitation device, the Eddi is a great addition to any system to maximise use of your home renewables. 


EO are committed to creating a safer, healthier and friendly planet. They are looking at the exciting and emerging new energy ecosystem and are designing smart energy technologies to help customers remove their dependency on the grid (and subsequently dirty fossil fuels). In time, this will include integration with solar panels, battery storage and smart home devices. 
EO chargers are perfect for charging-up at home or on a larger, intelligent fleet scale at work. Just choose your power rating, then your plug type and finally whether you want software or not. Just add eoHUB to unlock all the software functionality (web-portal and smartphone app). 

Solar Edge 

SolarEdge’s EV charging single phase inverter enables homeowners to charge their electric vehicles directly from the power of the sun, maximising their solar usage and further reducing their electricity bills. They will also benefit from the ability to charge EVs up to 2.5 times faster than a standard EV charger through an innovative solar boost mode that utilises grid and PV charging simultaneously. 
By installing the EV charging inverter, you’ll benefit from the reduced hassle of installing separately a standalone EV charger and a PV inverter, as well as integration with the SolarEdge monitoring platform. 


Wallbox is an EV charger designer based in Barcelona that is using state-of-the-art technology and award winning design to create EV chargers for homes and businesses.  
With market leading technology such as integrated facial recognition (Copper C) and vehicle to grid capability (Quasar) it produces some of the most innovative home chargers currently on offer. Wallbox also produce more simple and flexible chargers such as the Pulsar Plus, Copper SB and the Commander 2 that can work both in the home and in businesses. 
Wallbox uses a simple and intuitive control software (both app and online portal) across all its products, allowing easy access to charge status and allowing charging to be scheduled to ensure maximum flexibility. 
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